Kallima Consultants, Inc. presents
"Dr. Mike's Bag of Bugs"




An Educational Outreach Program For Colorado Schools and Libraries




The vast majority of earth's species are insects and their relatives, the arthropods. Although they are among the most important organisms within an ecosystem, they are also among the least understood. Recently insects have become popular subjects to study, especially for children. They elicit the same fascination as dinosaurs, but can be found in any backyard. 


"Dr. Mike's Bag of Bugs" is an exciting educational program featuring living insects and other arthropods (spiders, scorpions, centipedes, etc.) along with preserved museum specimens. This lively, hands-on program is presented by an entomologist experienced in working  with general audiences of all ages, especially children. These presentations are available for school classrooms and public libraries across Colorado. 




This educational program uses living and preserved specimens to explore the fantastic world of insects and their relatives, the arthropods. Participants are encouraged to take a closer look at the "amazing little world all around us," and also encouraged to read more about it with examples from fiction and nonfiction.


Program times are limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis, so call today!

To schedule a presentation for your school or library contact Kallima Consultants, Inc. at (720) 872-6262 or email: AskArtie@aol.com  

Program cost: $75.00 per presentation, plus transportation fee (see below).



Radial Distance
from Denver:           Fee:
0-50 miles              $ 30.00
50-100 miles          $ 60.00
100-150 miles        $ 90.00
150-200 miles        $120.00
200-250 miles        $150.00
250-300 miles        $180.00


Visits to several schools and/or libraries in an area may be coordinated to allow several presentations on the same day, thereby reducing transportation fees.

Evening slide show programs are also available on the following topics:
Butterfly Gardening
Attitudes and Anxieties About Arthropods
(special topics may be available upon request)




Michael J. Weissmann, Ph.D., is co-founder and former Curator of the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center in Westminster, Colorado. He currently consults on butterfly houses and insect zoos around the world as President of Kallima Consultants, Inc., and is the former Executive Director of the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers.  In the summer, he also works as Chief Entomologist for Vector Disease Control International.  He began presenting school programs in 1986 with "The BugMobile" at the University of Colorado Museum, and continues to serve as a Museum Associate there.  "Dr. Mike" received his doctorate in Entomology in 1995 from Colorado State University, and is currently a CSU Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences.  He is a Research Associate at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, working in the Entomology Collection as time allows.  He has written several scientific and popular publications on insects, and is an energetic speaker on various insect-related topics. [NOTE: Occasional scheduling conflicts may result in substitution of a different presenter in place of Dr. Weissmann, but all presenters used for this program have several years of experience in teaching about arthropods to young audiences.] 

Insect drawings by Karolyn Darrow, used with permission.