Kallima Consultants, Inc. presents
"Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson"

A look at the nature of Natural History through the eyes of a 19th Century Victorian Naturalist



“True ‘natural areas’ have mostly disappeared, replaced by ‘nature areas’ that have become our best alternative as places to inspire a greater understanding of the fascinating and complex world around us.  We need to encourage people of all ages to rediscover nature, utilizing every technique and strategy available. “   -- Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson  

Photo by Rachel WilliamsWhat did our Colorado landscape look like before agriculture and European settlement?  When we speak of “natural areas” are we really looking at life as it would occur naturally, or just a pocket of high-density “nature” that doesn’t at all resemble the plant and animal life encountered by the 19th Century explorers?  Knowing the difference between what is “natural” and what is just “nature” can have important implications for land management and habitat conservation, as well as for environmental education and interpretation.

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, the relevance of Natural History in our everyday lives is not always apparent.  Utilizing time travel, noted (fictional) Victorian entomologist and explorer, Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson, brings new energy to this oldest of the sciences while allowing lessons from the past to illuminate present and future concerns.  These programs, directed toward primarily adult audiences, explore the importance of Natural History as a valid field of study in every era and not just something that was studied in the past.  



Photo by Melissa Barton"Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson" programs are available in either of two formats:

1) Lecture Format – an indoor presentation to an audience of any size about a variety of Natural History topics, emphasizing habitat changes since the mid- to late-1800s [COMING SOON – the ability to illustrate these presentations with projected images, utilizing a state-of-the-art MAGIC LANTERN!]

2) Field Format – an outdoor nature walk, led by Prof. Michaelson, where the plants and animals encountered along the way dictate the topics that are discussed, as we explore together local “nature areas” and their current inhabitants.   Of course, due to his entomological training, these walks will emphasize the insect life along the trail, including stories about the lives of these small wonders beneath our feet. 


Visit Melissa Barton’s “Nature Odes” blog [CLICK HERE] for beautiful images of arthropods (and a frog) that were encountered during a very warm June 2012 nature walk held at Chatfield State Park with Prof. Michaelson and naturalists-in-training from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver.  




To schedule a lecture presentation or field nature walk for your group contact Kallima Consultants, Inc. at (720) 872-6262 or email: AskArtie@aol.com Program cost varies depending on location, program duration, and topics to be discussed.   

Note: Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson is the alter-ego of Entomologist Michael J. Weissmann, Ph.D.